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5 Best Gifts for New Dads

Posted by Administrator to Gift Giving
Moms and babies are showered with gifts, but the daddy-to-be deserves some celebration, too. Through pregnancy, it's not only a baby and mother who are made, it's a new dad. Men should be honored and recognized for being fathers—it's not an easy job, especially today.

Shower the daddy-to-be with some love and recognition with one of these 5 Best Gift for New Dads. After all, it's his baby, and new life, too.

1. 1st Class Delivery Silk Tie, Bird Dog Bay, $75

Personally, I think t-shirts for men that say things like “He Shoots, He Scores” trivialize the man’s journey into fatherhood. Fatherhood is a critically important role in a man’s life, one that has inherent dignity. Help him share his new role as a dad with the sophisticated style of one of these 1st Class Delivery silk ties by Bird Dog Bay. Available in a “boy” or “girl” style in multiple, attractive, vibrant colors.

2. Flip Video Slide HD, Flip Video, $229.99

Not every man is an electronics and gadgets man, which I say because mine isn’t. But even my man has been talking about getting a Flip Video camera since his friend showed him his. The SlideHD has 16 GB to store up to 4 hours of HD video of your babymoon getaway and new baby adventures. Flip cameras are notoriously easy for sharing video, too. Really knock his socks off and personalize the video camera with a photo.

3. Diaper Vest,, $80

Let’s face it: even moms don’t like carrying a diaper bag, no matter how lovely it is. Despite how “manly” a diaper bag design attempts to be, it’s still a diaper bag. I’m sure there are men who would love to receive to a messenger-style bag with a tattoo-style skull and heart painted on it as an expression of their cool dad-ness, but off the top of my head, the only one who comes to mind would be Pete Wentz. In my opinion, the Diaper Vest is the best brainstorm by DadGear.

Photo used by permission. Copyright LaurieL Photography.
Photo used by permission. Copyright LaurieL Photography.

4. Daddy and Baby Portrait, LaurieL Photography ($300 – $400 sitting fee)

Becoming a father is a profound change for a man. Preserve the transformation and celebrate the masculine beauty of his strong, fatherly love with a daddy and baby portrait by LaurieL Photography. You can meet maternity and newborn photographer Laurie Ludes elsewhere on our blog, but I encourage you to visit her “Daddies and Their Babies” photo gallery on her website to be persuaded that this is a gift that your whole family will treasure for a lifetime.

** Complete your sitting with LaurieL Photography by December 31, 2010, and you’ll get a pack of note cards made with the image for free. Tell her Maternitique sent you.

5. Daddy Scrubs,, $39.95

You’ve ordered your own maternity delivery gown, right? So now outfit the dad-to-be for the big birth day, too. Daddy Scrubs are for him to wear in the hospital–so everyone knows he’s a lucky soon-to-be father while he’s walking to and from the cafeteria. Trust me, while you’re in labor, he’s a nervous wreck and the positive attention he gets from strangers will help put him at ease. 

Written by Maternitique founder and CEO, Tara M. Bloom. Subscribe to Materni-Talk by email or RSS to get regular suggestions for how to expect the best during pregnancy and motherhood. And please share with others!

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