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Breastfeeding Clothes Restocked

Posted by Administrator to Breastfeeding
Just in time for World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7 and national Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we have new inventory, colors and sizes in the popular breastfeeding clothes by Annee Matthew.

Made to have season-to-season appeal, Annee Matthew breastfeeding clothes are a great investment for pregnant moms. Not only will the bamboo and natural fabric clothes hold their shape, breathe well, wash easily and feel soft and wonderful against your skin, but Annee Matthew breastfeeding clothes are also made to fit during pregnancy, so you can get a full year or more of wear out of most pieces. Plus, they're designed to last, so you can pack and store for use in future pregnancies.

If you're currently breastfeeding or you're still pregnant, you can wear Annee Matthew breastfeeding clothes now. Many styles, noted below, also come in plus-sizes. Check out what's just been restocked at Maternitique:

Soft, casual and comfy—so nice for a new, breastfeeding mom! To nurse, simply pull aside the neckline to gain access to the breastfeeding panel inside. This cotton Striped Sleepdress is available again in sizes S-XL (2-16). Sorry, plus-sizes aren't being made any longer and won't be restocked.

As much as I love gray clothes, I think the brown version of this pull-over hoodie is strikingly attractive for a casual top. Both the gray and the brown versions have striped sleeves and stripe accents on the front pockets. Otherwise, they're a solid bodice with hidden nursing access for breastfeeding. This rayon top is going to be less breathable than cotton or bamboo, but it's made that way because it's supposed to help keep you warm. Available again in all sizes up to 3X (24).

Speaking of keeping you warm, how about a zippered, hooded sweatshirt? The Zoe Hoodie comes in two bright, cheerful colors (cobalt blue and bright, berry pink) and is made of soft cotton terry cloth for warmth and comfort. It's not a typical zippered sweatshirt in that you still pull it over your head to get it on and off. There's an inner layer nursing top that you access by lowering the zipper and lifting up on the inner layer to breastfeed. All sizes and colors are back up to 3X (24).

You will not believe how soft this modal breastfeeding top is. Cut extra-long and made with a touch of Spandex to grow with you through pregnancy, this top has innovative layering over the breasts that you pull aside for nursing access. Now available in gray as well as black in sizes from S-XL.

Made with an incredibly soft blend of bamboo and modal fabrics (again, with a touch of Spandex), this top looks great with everything: jeans, cargo pants, long skirts, short get the idea! Dress it up or dress it down, you'll get a lot of wear out of this one. Comes in black or white in every size up to 3X.

Choose bright purple or basic black, either way, this breastfeeding tunic looks great. The pleated front creates a texture that flatters every woman's shape and the extra length creates a slimming effect, too. Soft, stretchy bamboo and in regular and plus sizes.

This pullover breastfeeding hoodie has a drawstring under the bust to allow you to get the best, most flattering fit. Choose black stripe or solid navy. Sized S-XL.

Which of these breastfeeding clothes would you love to wear?

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