Pour Deux

pour deux logoPour Deux birth month maternity candles are being re-designed and are currently out-of-stock. We don't expect them to be available again until Spring 2013, at the earliest. 

We're proud to include in our maternity gifts collection Maternity for Two birth month candles by Pour Deux. Each purchase of the original Pour Deux maternity candle honors the beauty and joy expectant mothers feel while carrying a baby. 

With classic French-inspired style, the Pour Deux maternity candle illuminates her musings about what her baby will be like. Noted for their elegance by the editors at Cool Mom Picks, named "droolicious" at Babble, and hailed as "the perfect shower gift" by UrbanBaby, we predict that Pour Deux birth month candles will soon be the must-have maternity gifts.

Made with 100% natural soy wax and pure essential oils to be gentle to sensitive, pregnant noses. And like all items in the Maternitique maternity gifts collection, Pour Deux maternity candles are also 100% guaranteed to delight her. 

The Pour Deux tag line declares, "Babies are heaven scent." We couldn't agree more, and think this way these maternity candles light the path to motherhood reflects the spirit of our "maternity evolved, naturally" criteria.
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