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When You Are Ready to Get Pregnant

Posted by Administrator to Fertility
When I first started Maternitique, one of the things that surprised me the most was discovering that a significant percentage of our customers weren't pregnant and weren't even quite ready to get pregnant. 

In my original visioning of Maternitique, I saw it as a unique maternity boutique meeting the needs of pregnant and new moms with spa-quality skin care products that are safe and nurturing for your journey into motherhood. But in my mindís eye, I had jumped to the conclusion that the women who would be searching for those safe and healthy products for pregnancy would be doing so AFTER they found out they were pregnant, or after they started experiencing skin care issues like pregnancy acne and stretch marks. 

I admit that I had neglected to consider all of you women who were not yet pregnant, or who were trying to become pregnant and having a hard time. I was surprised to learn that many customers who order from us month after month for years at a time are not yet pregnantóeither because they havenít started to try or because they have been struggling to get pregnant. 

Iím sorry about my oversight. It wasnít intentional. Iíve just been sort of myopic when it comes to pregnancy. Also, for me, conception was easy. My husband and I agreed to be open to having a baby and nine months later, there she was. Conception has been something Iíve tried to avoid for 99.99% of my sexual life, so I just plain donít relate to the experience that many women have of actually planning to conceive and then, having decided to try to conceive, having difficulty doing so. 

But I have learned, after talking with customers (and sometimes receiving e-mails from customers asking us not to assume that theyíre already pregnant), that there are a lot of women trying to conceive, or planning to conceive in 1-2 yearsí time, who are shopping at Maternitique and taking advantage of our cleaner, healthier skin care and body care products in order to try to reduce the quantity of toxins and hormone-disrupting chemicals in their bodies before they try to conceive or while theyíre trying to get pregnant. 

(Which is a very smart thing to do, by the way, and I should have given you all credit for being that smart.) 

In support of all the women who are Maternitique customers and who want to become pregnant sooner rather than later, and especially for those who have been having a difficult time getting pregnant and staying pregnant, Iíve begun to carry fertility support products by Fairhaven Health, including Fertilaid for Women, FertiliTea Fertility Tea, and digital basal thermometers

Based out of Bellingham, Washington, Fairhaven Health develops and manufacturers natural products to support fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding. With roots and grounding in both allopathic (Western) and natural medicine, Fairhaven Health products combine the best of modern science with traditional wisdom to deliver safe and effective solutions for your reproductive needs. 

Unlike our stretch marks lotions, pregnancy-safe nail polish and pregnancy hair care products, Iím not able to test out these new items and review them for you because:

a.) Iím confident theyíre going to be effective, and 
b.) I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY donít want to get pregnant. 

Iím willing to do a lot for you in order to support your desire to have healthy, beautiful children and pregnancies, but Iím not willing to risk having a baby of my own at this time in my life! 

And based on the effectiveness and quality of the other Fairhaven Health products that I have usedóthe pregnancy deodorant and the yoga DVD and the DreamBelly butteróI am fairly certain the fertility products are going to be as well made and effective. Frankly, for someone like me who really doesnít want to be pregnant, thatís a scary proposition. 

I hope my fear is good news for you, however, especially if youíve been ready to get pregnant for a while now and havenít been able to. Fertilaid for Women, FertiliTea and digital basal thermometers are now here at Maternitique, in stock and ready to ship for when you're ready to get pregnant. And since I can't try them out for myself without life-changing results, I want to hear your experiences using these fertility products. When you buy them from us, please, please, please let me know if they help you get pregnant. 

When youíre ready. 

Thanks for reading and using us as your pre-conception resource for a healthy body,

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